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Thursday, 7 May 2020

Bir Bikram 2 - Full Nepali Movie Download without any difficulties.

Bir Bikram 2 - Full Nepali Movie Download cost free and piracy free.

Namaste everyone, Welcome to my website. In this post, I will show you how to download the new Nepali movie Bir Bikram 2 (बिर बिक्रम 2) without the payment of any VIP charges.
Some years ago, there was only one efficient online platform for the publishing of Nepali Movie which is youtube. But nowadays, a new platform iflix has came in the Kollywood cinematics. In recent time, many Nepali movies are firstly publishing on iflix and are allowed to eccess only for VIP users. VIP user are those who have paid for the subscription. For the subscription of VIP access you have to pay as per the policy of iflix. And after some months or so... those VIP movies will be shifted for the general iflix user. Again after some months or year, movie developing company publishes those movies on youtube. 
Note:- This is the general trend of most of the newly released Nepali movies which may not be followed by some either.

Ohhh!! Sorry! Sorry!! 
I'm here to tell you the exact way of the downloading trick of BirBikram2 movie and I was away from the track. Now let me show you the way for download this movie.
If you have viewed in the iflix app or website, you might have seen the Bir Bikram 2 movie is only for the VIP user till now. But after reading this post, you will be able to watch and download this movie without any VIP payment.

If you wondered to know a little bit about this movie, watch trailer here.

Now, I will show you easy 3 tricks to watch and download Bir Bikram-2 (बिर बिक्रम-2) movie without any piracy.

***For all these tricks, first you have to download iflix app from the playstore or appstore which is free.

1) Use Ncell number for signup:- Ncell company is providing you free eccess for VIP contents for first 3 month in iflix. I know, you guys are smart, during these three months you will ends up most of the important VIP contents.

2) Use gmail account for signup:- Signing up with gmail account will provide you one month of full VIP subscription. Then after one month, you have to pay for the VIP subscription. 

3) New Gmail sharing:- Last but not the least one, as I said you, one month VIP access is provided for new gmail. You can create a new gmail account for every new movie updated on iflix. You can share those gmail with your close and trustful one for watch the new movie as validity for one gmail for VIP access is upto one month. By sharing your gmail, there wouldn't too much gmail id of your and reduces the troubles.

By utilizing any of these tricks, you can easily access for those VIP movies.

Now For download, click on the download button given in the iflix app. By doing this, you can watch those movies when there is no internet.
Once downloaded movies will remains till 29days but when you once started to play the downloaded video, it will remains upto only for 2days. So once you started to play the movie, complete it within 2days. Otherwise it will expire.

Hope you know how to download and watch the Bir Bikram 2 full movie without any charges or piracy.

Note:- This information is not supporting any piracy or misleading. All the Information provided in this post are not violating any policy of any movie company.

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